How to Install a Steel Door Frame
in Steel Stud Construction

How to Install a Steel Door Frame
in Masonry Construction

At Black Mountain Door we are committed to providing convenient access to the technical data of our steel doors and frames that our customers need. Within our technical resources section of the website or in our hard cover binders, you can find everything you need to know about our complete lineup of hollow metal door/frame/hardware systems. Each technical data guide features information on the scope, purpose and description of all Black Mountain Door brands and products. Certifications as well as installation, labeling and dimensional information are also included.

To ensure our customers are abreast of any manufacturing or procedural changes that occur,
Black Mountain Door regularly reviews and updates all technical guides of its hollow metal door and frames,
as necessary.

A comprehensive guide of specifications of Black Mountain metal doors and frames are available for reference purposes and is intended as a “Unified Proprietary Specification.” These documents provide useful technical literature and recommended standards of metal doors and frames recognized around the world. Although prepared in a similar form to the designated type, they are not intended to replace specifications provided by ARCAT, CSI Masterspec, or Spec-Data.

At Black Mountain Door, we know how important the submittal process is in meeting the exact standards of each new construction project. Drawings are available for each of the Black Mountain Door product groups including steel doors, frames, and hardware. Each drawing contains product detail downloads that can be used for submittals. Drawings are available in native formats or in PDF to best accommodate your needs.

Recognized as one of the nations’ most comprehensive custom manufacturing resources for steel doors and frames, Black Mountain Door systems are customizable to meet job specifications and opening requirements. The Fab Details manual provides you with set of detailed fab-a-frame instructions to accommodate any project.